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My food from Instagram!

Kuriya Japanese Market (Northpoint City). Located at 1 NorthPoint Drive, NorthPoint City South Wing, unit B1-152, Singapore 768019. …Salmon Mentai Bento by Ichiban, $13.50. Wide variety of Bento to choose from and we like it that it’s made only after you order so it’s pipping hot, very fresh and not pre pack on the shelves. Very huge piece of salmon that’s pan-fried with a lil crispy on the outside before drizzling Mentai sauce over it! Wow, Salmon is super duper delicious, wasn’t expecting this shiok from Bento!! The bento also comes with white rice, 1 Gyoza & 1 Tamogoyaki! Very worthy set for the price and super satisfying!… @northpointsg #hungryunicornsg #kuriyajapanesemarket #salmonmentai #salmonmentairice #salmonbento #ichibansushi #ichibanboshi #northpoint

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